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Shahid Wazed finds joy in connecting with and helping people at scale. He revolutionized the recruiting industry by bringing 'care' back into recruitment through the 'City of Edmonton Jobs' page on Facebook, which won two prestigious awards in just one and a half years: 'Standard of Excellence Award' from the New Media Institute in New York and 'Thomas H. Muehlenbeck Award for Excellence in Local Government' from Alliance for Innovation!

He hosted Canada's 1st Social Recruiting Seminar, which was attended by recruitment professionals from most of Canada's Top 100 employers.

He frequently shares his groundbreaking ideas that are backed by two years of social recruiting research at leading conferences worldwide.

He frequently takes time off to travel as he believes life is not all about work. However, he does pay the price now for the moments he wants to enjoy in the near future.

With that said, let's connect to continue this conversation. I know you want to.

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Think you can’t recruit and source talent from Facebook? Think again.

Setting up a successful Facebook recruiting page can be daunting. However, once your conference attendees have the right foundation by actively participating in my session, they will be able to

- Build an applicant pool of over 15,000 candidates in 6 months
- Drive over 3,500 applicant traffic to their career site every month
- Source passive candidates in 24 hours from Facebook.

My keynote on “Magnetic Branding” covers how organizations can build a magnetic brand on Facebook following three steps outlined below:

- Like: secrets to getting your ideal prospects to “Like” your page on Facebook
- Care: proven “care” strategies to convert prospects into leads
- Initiate: creative CTA (call to action) strategies to convert fans and leads into customers.

My Award winning “3 Step Facebook Marketing” model is based on rigorous academic research at Dalhousie University. I will prove it to you why ignoring Facebook is one of the deadliest mistakes you can make this year and also, how you can master Facebook marketing in three easy steps to take your brand to new heights you never thought possible in just 6 months!

My “Job Search 2.0” presentation is based on strategies I have used myself for the last 10 years to land my dream jobs one after another with Canada’s Top 100 Employers such as Nexen Inc. and Shell Canada.

Your students will learn

- How to develop “Interview Pulling Linkedin Profiles
- 3 steps to developing a “Job Offer Generating Interview Plan
- Never before revealed “Secrets to Getting Promoted in 1.5 Years” after they get hired.


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Topics: Social Recruiting, Magnetic Branding & Job Search 2.0